I Offer Idols Advice: A Social Media PSA

I’m going to start this post by reiterating that I am a “digital media professional,” and content strategy, social strategy, digital outreach, audience engagement, etc., among others, are all things that I do for a living.* I’m not bragging, just trying to say that I know what I’m talking about.

You may have noticed that, despite this being a website and blog that tries to be inclusive around some rather poorly defined parameters, there are favorites. Yes, some of that is because I, as the owner and administrator and content producer and marketer and and and, am going to favor certain personal favorites over things that I like less; I try to be fair, but I’m going to be drawn to some idols more than others, and I’m going to like some music more than other.

However, even including that, there’s a simple little thing that I really honestly wish I could effectively and cleanly communicate to many groups’ management, and it is this: Continue reading