Idol to Idol to Idol: An Odyssey

Okay, so you guys are possibly aware of Yannderu Ame, who were momentarily exciting a few months ago. Then they rebranded and became YAMIAME, basically the same thing, but not the same kind of dark and brooding tears-in-rain -core idols, but more we-are-somewhat-dark-and-hard idols. Then THAT BROKE UP ON STAGE to launch the literally no-joke temporary unit Imonikomi, which … honestly, I started to lose track of what the hell was going on at that point, but today, TODAY friends, they finally un-temporaried themselves as the latest iteration in this mad project’s long, not-at-all-graceful curve:

Thank you, PIH!

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Idol Is Like the Boy Scouts: Always Prepared

So VanillaPancakes went and ruined the surprise in the comments on that thing the other day; that’s what I get for taking a couple of days of bed rest

It really must suck to be a wota sometimes.

So Saturday, YAMIAME, who were just a few months old really, had a one-man. Their first! And they disbanded at the end of the show!

Wow, you think. That’s … what. Exactly! It’s not unheard of, though (DiSPANiC did something similar last year), so while jaws could possibly require from-the-floor-picking-up, I imagine that the response was mostly remarks between friends and text messages and stuff.

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