The Ikigusare Weekend Binge-Watch

Remember our post last year about Ikigusare, the horror-themed virtual idols who have actually been around for longer than most other virtual idols and even all of the real-life idols we cover on this site?

They have a new album and a whole marathon of music videos to share with us! Four just on Youtube alone, in fact!

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All the Adjectives in All the Languages Would Fail to Describe Ikigusare

Lessee here… so far on Homicidols we’ve covered chika idols, mainstream idols, K-Pop idols, anime idols … are we missing anything else on the idol spectrum?

That’s right, I don’t think we’ve covered virtual idols yet!

Well, everyone give a round of applause to bacci on twitter for introducing me to this curiosity last night:

As an avid fan of all three of those names listed, how could I not give Ikigusare a chance? So, going into it blind, I can say … yup, that sure was an excruciating yet somewhat enjoyable experience of three Sega Saturn-looking girls singing about eating hamsters I just sat through! Continue reading