For Once, a Purely Positive Friday Fun

Look, I would have an unfunny introduction that is hopefully relevant to the events of this week, but I had one of those rare moments were two Friday Fun ideas hit me in advance so I’m writing this one immediately after last week’s post and praying that nothing big happens that’ll make me want to write a more topical Fun and thus ruin my plans so I guess I have nothing else to say but:

6:15 a.m., Thursday morning.

I just tried and failed to write coherently and now I’m still groggy, headachy, now listening to “BedHead” as I ponder “I wonder what the responses to that post I just wrote will be like?”

It’s been a rough couple of weeks, let’s face it. At least, Kerrie From The Past is probably assuming this week is going to be terrible, too. I mean, if you’re not a salty WACK fan, then there’s also real-world problems, and um, Maniac, link something bad in idol that happened this week to save this trainwreck of an article please, thanks.

Joke’s on Kerrie; here’s the greatest idol story ever told, instead

I think we need something simple and uplifting to refresh our minds this week. A Friday Fun palate-cleanser, if you will. No jokes, no passive-aggressive tweeting, just something to refresh our minds and our hearts for this weekend. So let’s tweet about how beautiful our oshis are! Continue reading