This Week’s Gif Party Ushers in the #Idolpocalypse

This week’s feed:

Kerrie continues to tolerate my shenanigans — I swear, she’s starting to like this stuff. Remember to hit her up on Redbubble for your own unique idol merch!

Happy Friday, everyone! How was your week?

Last week’s gif party theme was #Badassbabymetal, in honour of Babymetal’s glorious performance at Tokyo Dome that didn’t bring any announcements whatsoever, but hey, at least nobody is graduating yet. Last week’s best gifs are below; for this week …

Speaking of graduations, this week’s theme is somewhat of a somber note. Why are all the idols disappearing at once?! If it’s not Saki leaving Guso Drop, its Tsubasa Fly and Koutei Camera Girl Zwei disbanding, and whatever the hell is going on with GANG PARADE at the moment. I can’t even blame the BiSwagon this time around. Zombidol on the other hand…

So this week, we want you to post your favourite gifs of either of these categories under the hashtag #idolpocalypse:

  • Iconic moments from graduated (or soon-to-be graduated) members
  • Units at the brink of disbanding … and the moment we knew
  • Idol is (kinda) dead: Killing, being killed, playing dead, etc.
  • Idols doing things that would get them killed — pranks, jokes, etc.

Here are a few examples:

Gif of former BiS member Wakisaka Yukiko from the PPCC video

Mone formerly of You'll Melt More singing Suicide Sweet Side

BiSH members walk away from their destruction of the crab penis kaiju on the beach while everything explodes

Hopefully next week’s theme will be more cheerful! #idolpocalypse


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