Only Tinfoil Hats Can Spoil This Friday Fun

Hello everyone, how’s it going? Okay, first things first, some personal stuff. Some of you might already be aware of this, but on Saturday I was encouraged to set up a Gofundme to help me get to London to see my beloved Necronomidol and hopefully write up a report on the show for this here site. When you’ve just lost your job, travelling halfway across the country and finding somewhere nice to stay in London is a fortune. I wasn’t expecting anything to come from this, but you guys blew that out of the water, donating the amount needed within a day of posting! And I just wanted to take this moment to say, thank you all so, so much. I’m at a complete loss for words with how touched I am by your kindness and generosity. I spent most of Saturday night alternating between laughing and crying because I just couldn’t believe how wonderful this community was. I’m tearing up a little writing this now! The people who donated, the people who shared the Gofundme link and my commission advert, thank you all so much.  I can’t believe how lucky I am to be in such a wonderful community. Also, not to mooch from you guys even more, but if you want to send me a bit of extra money for merchandise or a Cinnabon at the Trocadero, I’m still doing commissions and of course, my Redbubble is still around.

Also, this wouldn’t have happened if not for Terry, who you may know from the Alt-Idol podcast, so now that you’ve helped me out, go ahead and send some help his way too. He’s raising money to go to Japan and have a fun time, and he totally deserves it!

See you at Necroma.

But anyway, this article is already twice as long as my usual Friday Fun articles, so let’s get straight to the point; Last week I asked you to come up with more locations for idols to shoot their music videos so they don’t have to keep going to Aokigahara or the Shibuya Scramble all the time:

Good job everyone! Now to make all of you who helped me get to London completely regret it. Twitter was kind of abuzz early this month over a certain conspiracy theory thread that was going viral:

Well, there’s nothing I like better than old memes! So let’s hear some of your own #IdolConspiracies! These can be complete nonsense that you just came up with, or maybe you have some genuine theories too? Anything goes, and to be honest, it’s fun trying to separate the obvious fake conspiracies with the ones that could very well be real! So have some fun and get creative with this. I’m looking forward to it!

Bless this child, people. Oh wait! You have. Do it more, because Kerrie is good and cool.