Take a Few Minutes from Your Sloth and Gluttony for This Festive Friday Fun

Happy Holidays, nerds! Have you been good this year? Maybe Santa-san bring you all the Tommy Wiseau tat you desire, or whoever else showed up in last week’s #IdolMerchForWesternCelebs!!

This weekend, it’s finally Christmas! And amongst other things like “Why did I agree to do all the baking this year??” “Are these presents any good?” “My tree still doesn’t have any lights!” I have Christmas jumpers on the mind. Mainly because I need a cute yet baggy jumper to hide my Halloween-Early Christmas weight gain so certain relatives don’t make me feel bad for eating more pigs in blankets than I probably should, but also, look who just came out with a new Christmas jumper! Only our old friends Babymetal!


Personally, I preferred their old Christmas sweater; it was adorable and much more festive, but this  would have been perfectly adequate for hiding my Santa belly had it not been for the fact that I don’t have £60 right now. Continue reading