Here’s a Whole Bunch of Idol Koushien Video and One Special Something New

Good morning, friends! I was staring a whole mess of stupid Day Job crap in the face last night, and I decided that a new playlist was in order, and I had a few YouTube notifications sitting un-looked-at, so I gave ’em a whirl.

Idol Koushien was this past weekend, and it featured plenty of favorites and have-heard-ofs, and I bet it was just as good as the last Idol Koushien event if you were there, which I was not because Japan. Twice. But I thought it might be a nice thing to have to listen to today, a whole bunch of full sets from the event, including one very key one.

You probably remember her as Ayano from The Idols Formerly Known as Bellring Girls Heart but Who Are Now There There Theres; now she’s CLOCK & BOTAN:


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Malcolm Mask McLaren Makes Me Mirthful

I can play this alliteration game all day, people. Don’t even try me

While the pre-Corenament is winding down, it’s always fun to look back in on idols that you might not have thought of in a while, but who are consistently busy working and putting out all kinds of entertain. Or, in some cases, they just pop right out for you with something fresh to check out!

In this case, Malcolm Mask McLaren (currently duking it out in the Clash Legacy Conference) shared some older video of their set at Idol Koushien (you know, that show that I stayed up late to watch and then never made it far enough to get to the good stuff).

I don’t know if that was a look-we’re-alive kind of thing, or what, but I’m glad to have seen it because I saw that MMM has something cooking. Continue reading

It’s Wednesday, Video Is Cool, So Here’s a Bunch More of It

FFS, is it really only Wednesday? I’ve been back at work-work for all of a single shift and I’m already looking ahead to the weekend. Never let the holidays happen, people.

But hey, remember all that stuff from the New Year Premium Party that went out yesterday? There’s more of it here, plus a bunch of stuff from Idol Koushien Monday night that I feel really bad about because I started to record (a bunch of tradol stuff, but also Devil ANTHEM) and then got tired just in time for the interesting things to happen, and then Terry was streaming it but YouTube destroyed him for the trouble so only bits and pieces are left.

This is the result of that misfortune.


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