Idol Death Ska, You Say?

Would it be rude of me to say that Candye Syrup gets a weird automatic reaction from me? And by “automatic reaction,” I mean “how a person reacts when someone runs up to you with a weird look on their face and saying ‘Dude, smell this.'” It’s kind of a crapshoot! They’ve managed to hit material so far out of the park that Frank Thomas would be impressed, and they’ve struck out in ways that would make Mark Reynolds blush*. So imagine my initial excitement over seeing that an MV (!) for a song called “IDOL DEATH SKA !?” (!) was out and ready for me, and how that excitement was immediately followed by the same face that idols make when they reach into the Mystery Box that, at best, has a frog in it.

I am unfamiliar with the band Castaway and its guitarist, Yossy, who wrote this song, but I saw the words “melodic” and “punk” put together in such a way that the first was meant to modify the second, and it made sense even before I’d made it past the first few bars. It helps to be prepared, you know? Continue reading