We Just Lost a Source of Purchase from Japan

This is a really weird situation, and possibly kind of a fluid one, so bear with me.


This is true. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the message itself, so I won’t, but a fan who wanted to buy BiSH’s Less Than Sex tour final DVD via Amazon Japan found that they couldn’t; upon contacting the company, they were informed (in English!) that “the item is only available for domestic orders due to the restrictions of the music production company that sells this DVD.”

That’s talking about Avex, and Avex seems to have a problem with sales abroad. Continue reading

The Homicidols Gaijin Japan Buying Guide

I never in my wildest dreams thought we’d find ourselves in a place quite like this, but here we are: Courtesy of the Weeaboo Witch herself comes this well-timed guide for buying your favorite idol’s merch from Japan. Kerrie, take it away.

So, you wanna buy some idol goods? I’m sure this has happened a few times; you look on your favourite idol’s Twitter, and they have made an announcement: They’re going to be releasing some shiny new merchandise!

You rub your hands like a gleeful grasshopper at the concept of finally owning a t-shirt of Hanako-san crawling out of her toilet cavern. But wait! The site will only deliver within Japan! Damn it! I guess I’m gonna have to stick to getting t-shirts with terrible fanart instead.

Sadly, many online stores in Japan refuse to ship overseas. Your only real options are checking sites like CDJapan or Tokyo Otaku Mode if they have the item, which is usually very limited, especially when it comes to alt-idols. Or you could go on eBay and buy a t-shirt for a highly inflated price, if there is even anyone selling t-shirts at all!


Thankfully, there are a range of proxy buyers and shopping services willing to buy the item for you for a small fee. Said fee will usually be around 2-10 percent of the item price, in my experience. The downside to this is that the shipping is often quite high, but that’s what usually happens when you order from another country, regardless of whether you’re using a proxy service. Continue reading