The June 2016 Homicidol 25

Hey friends, remember when we did a big crowdsourced ranking project and I said I’d post the results the first week of May? Well, May came and went and I was all over the place and that didn’t happen, but I’m not going to waste your considerations or my own goofy idea, so now here we are: The inaugural Homicidol 25 will be for June, and I’ll publish on a rough quarterly basis.

Welcome to the Homicidol 25! This is a very rough measurement of who in the wide world of heavy idols is currently most on top of the scene, or as much as such a thing even exists. We are, after all, mostly approaching this from thousands of miles away, soaking it in via YouTube and Twitter and only the vaguest of understandings of sales, actual popularity, etc. I thoroughly encourage arguments about this: It’s meant to be something to discuss, not a be-all end-all absolute ranking.

As we enter June 2016: Continue reading

I Crowdsource Things: The Inaugural Homicidols Power Rankings

It’s been almost an entire month since we had something to argue about and anguish over, and the Corenament is now well behind us, so I thought it was about the right time to kick off something that had been in my notes from this site’s moment of conception.

Yep, accidentally and backwards* taking a page from New School Kaidan, we’re going to do some monthly power rankings. And I do mean “we”: This site isn’t a whole lot of fun if it’s just Maniac being all “this is what I think so screw you guys;” I instead turn to the bunch of drunks and misfits wonderfully knowledgeable and absolutely polite and on-point fans to make this list go. Continue reading