When Very Indie Idols Go Solo, Get Heavy

A couple of days ago, some folks shared out this chunk of heaviness:

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Indie Idol Wednesday Is Feeling Really Indie Today

I thought that I’d take a minute on a fairly quiet-feeling Indie Idol Wednesday to self-indulgently update the unfeeling public on two projects that I happen to be very pro on.

First up! Good ol’ SHiX, who were the official least valuable players of the Corenament by dint of getting like two votes in the entire conference tourney section. When last we say them, they were a duo and rather adventurous, but still like … idol’s a tough business, you know? Even getting to stick as an indie can be hard.

So good on them for adding a butt-ton of members and rolling with a bunch of new music that will hopefully make its way online soon.

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It’s a WTF Tuesday Double Feature: Hanako-san vs. Heart ni Pochicon

These photos from the other night were just too good to not share.

As you know, because you’re a fan of hers, which I know because you’re here and I do believe that being at the very least amused by the toilet dead girl is a prerequisite for that, Hanako-san’s lives have a tendency to devolve from mere “throw and spray things at the fans” to full-on “I am going to cover you in substances because I feel like it.”

In this case, she shared a stage with the wonderful trash idol project, Heart ni Pochicon (currently again down my favorite disaster, Hiiragi Fuyu), and WHAT HAPPENED NEXT WILL SHOCK YOU! Continue reading

My Girl Hiiragi Fuyu Is Back and Already Throwing Shade

I am completely captivated by Heart ni Pochicon. I have made this clear, and I have been clear as to why — I sometimes wish that I could hang out with idols, but these two human disasters are basically the idols that I would hang out with, given a life-long track record of being attracted to people who are terrible for me and keep me deeply ingrained in self-destructive behavior.

They’re wonderful.

And so I was sad when Fuyu, one half of the dynamic duo, was temporarily put on ice while she went into the hospital to deal with some health issues (I WONDER WHY). While most cases of “taking a break for health reasons” are idol’s version of “sent to live on a farm a few hours away,” we were assured that this was real, and Fuyu would definitely be back.

Well, she’s back, and she got some kind of bug up her butt, because this is a very cool series of tweets: Continue reading

My Heart (Pochicon) Breaks a Little, But All Wounds Will Heal

I missed it the other day, but my latest New Favorite Thing in Heart ni Pochicon (as I have been advised to call them) is in a bit of disarray: Fuyu (you may know her by her cigarette and bulldog expression) is heading to the hospital for some R&R.

Ordinarily, as examples like Yasui Yuuhi have taught us, when an idol goes on hiatus for health reasons, it’s often an elegant way of moving them out of the picture until they can be quietly graduated without fuss or muss. Fortunately: Continue reading

I Have a New Favorite Thing This Week: Meet Heart Pochicon

I often say that it’s important to follow X, Y and/or Z to keep up with idol news, and that goes for each other — everybody has their own taste and interests, and you can run down some really interesting rabbit holes just by looking through another person’s feed. So it was with Jul yesterday, when a random-seeming RT turned out to be something genuinely kind of cool.

Great start!

That is Heart Pochicon (Twitter). If I were still College Maniac, I’d probably have already booked my tickets to Japan. Continue reading