A Very Special It’s-Kerrie’s-Birthday Edition of the Friday Fun

Last week, I asked you all to share your oshi alignments!

Did you know? Today is my birthday! It’s once in a blue moon that my birthday coincides with a Friday Fun, so I’m getting a bit self-indulgent on all of you for this week. Firstly, I said last year I was holding a Vaporwave-themed party for my Sweet 26, then I remembered I have no friends so you’ll have to do that for me:

Now that the music is sorted, let’s get the guest list. You don’t really see idols tweeting about parties a lot, do you? Or maybe I just follow the wrong idols. The most I normally see are birthday concerts and maybe the girls tweeting about going to karaoke sessions. But I never see anything about say, an idol’s friend’s throwing a surprise party with cakes and balloons and party games.

Maybe they’re all too busy for that, or maybe its just not what they do in Japan, I don’t know. But this week’s special self-indulgent birthday Fun, imagine inviting a whole bunch of idols to a good old-fashioned birthday party and the havoc that would inevitably break out. Continue reading