TIF Idol Primer: Don’t Call It a Comeback, but monogatari

Among the many notable idols that you should be flocking to TIF to see this weekend are idols that you probably never heard of, probably never even thought to check out. But if you’re there for fun rock sounds and those crucial acts that smudge the line between “idols the way that people usually think of that” and “blood-spitting thrashcore chika darlings,” you’ll be pleased to know that there are options!

In this case, I, uh … well, the truth is, this group isn’t totally unknown around here. Just hold on a second (and let that terrible dad joke wash over your soul).

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And Here’s Harajuku Monogatari

Among the various goodies to come out of TIF this year, as happens every year, was (at least for me) Harajuku Monogatari (Twitter), who our good friend Mr. Viz Major added to the Megathread, only for that video to be stricken from existence by the copyright gods. But for the brief time that it was posted and alive, I took advantage and thought, oh yeah, this is the good stuff.

So instead of the Viz’s contribution, here’s a different nice clip:

Back on the TIF Aftermath post, I likened them to a more accessible C-Style crossed with Shunkashuto; I think that’s fairly accurate. Continue reading