Mugen Regina Is Back

Here’s one that we’ve known was coming, but it’s finally real and I’m glad; fantasy/gothic idols Mugen Regina, who were disbanded at the end of last year and felt like a legitimate missed opportunity, were suddenly going to get a reboot, and that’s just aces.

Their last live was … yesterday? Two days ago? Here’s their little intro video:

Are any of these girls the trainees that were part of the project for like a week last year?

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Phantom of the Idol Still Going

Hey, remember that stumble-upon from a couple of weeks ago? Kimi to Boku, Sometimes Melancholic? Well, here they are with a PV for their upcoming single.

I still have no idea what’s happening. Lolita goth metal something something?

UPDATE: They’re under the same management as Tsuki Tai! That explains quite a bit. Well, guess we’ll have to keep watching.