You Find Things: Gensoshojo Doll

Big shot-out to @the59thsecond for sharing last night:

Do yourself a favor and listen to that song. “Oh, Maniac, what’s with you and the poppier stuff lately?” To that, I say, give this a couple of minutes to get where it’s going.

You can get more info on Gensoshojo Doll from their website, Twitter and Soundcloud. I just caution you that their other Soundcloud track is nice, but has all the thunder of a quaint December snow flurry. Also, their YouTube channel exists and currently contains only a single intro video that isn’t very exciting.

Two things that I think I like because I don’t know any better: Based on a weird Twitter run-around, I think this may actually be a reboot/re-brand before there was even a real original thing (so there’s hope yet for Cream n’ Chrome!); also, if that description on their profile page can actually be interpreted as “120% idol sweet enough to choke on,” please let that be so.