Garry’s Gratuitous Guide to Going Great to, uh, Japan

I thought this would be a good one to share with you guys — old pal Garry at Idol Is Shit and the alt-idol podcast had himself a hell of a travel odyssey back toward the end of last year, and his accumulated wisdom for going to lives — not just idol lives, but really, idol lives — went up earlier this week:

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Garry’s Final Tokyo Travelogue Is Full of Obvious Lies and Falsehoods

You guys, I think we all enjoyed parts 1 and 2 (really 2 and 3!) of Garry’s travelogue from his recent “la-dee-da, look at me, I’m so cool and special because I had the trip of a lifetime in Tokyo” sojourn. Part 3 (actually 4!), on the other hand, I know for an absolute fact contains not a single bit of truth. You’d have to be the most gullible person alive to believe half of what this guy’s saying.


Don’t let the hair and dramatic looking Twitter photos fool you, Sari (NECRONOMIDOL) was so nice to talk to and I’m pretty sure I got way more time with her than anyone else did so that was a plus.

Everybody knows that more than a few fleeting seconds in Sari’s presence leads to spontaneous human combustion.

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It’s Not My Fault If You Get Really Jealous: Garry in Tokyo, Part II

Our dear, dear friend Garry of added the second installment of his three-part travelogue yesterday. His first report kind of made me hate him a little bit, given how he managed to run through about 2/3 of what my own personal idol vacation in Tokyo would look like, and in the span of a week.

Fortunately for Garry and unfortunately for me, the trip didn’t exactly slow down.

I got a 2-shot with Ayano from Bellheart and wished her luck on her impending graduation/solo career. She was really nice to talk to, a theme that I’m noticing is beginning to develop here.

Son of a–

Afterwards I was able to get a 3-shot with both Hachigatsu and Kanami which was awesome. They were also selling their new album a week early so of course I picked that up. Expect a review on the site real soon. Oh yeah, I experienced my first earthquake when I got home that night.

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Our Friend Went to Japan and All We Got Was … Well, Not Even a T-shirt Yet

Our good friend Garry from Idol Is Shit just so happens to have returned from a two-week stint in Tokyo where he got to experience the maddening joy and life-changing spectacle that is idol in the flesh. Literally! He shook hands and took photos with them and everything!

So how does a Scottish idiot abroad find himself awash in seas of idol goodness?

The guy on the door seemed pretty surprised that some white dude with a weird accent was there to see BiSH, but I got in with no problems.

What else?

I’m eternally grateful to Shidare from Yukueshirezutsurezure for putting up with my horrible Japanese and being very understanding when we had to bust out Google Translate so we could understand each other a bit better. … [M]aybe they were just jealous that Shidare had her arm wrapped around me when we were conversing …

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People Review Things: Idol Is Shit on Q’ulle’s “OVER THE HOPE”

You guys know me: I love me some Q’ulle. We even get to breathe a sign of relief that what could have been an imminent demise is, instead, a new beginning. That paints their recently released second album, Over the Hope, into a completely different kind of context; rather than be the death rattle of a fast-rising, talent-out-the-wazoo rock idol unit, it’s just the end of a chapter in what we can hope will be a significant career.

I’m going to download this album. I’m going to enjoy this album. And I’d love to review this album! But then I saw that it was again tackled by the very capable hands of our friend Garry MacKenzie, who not only helped to drive the Know Your BiStory series, but incidentally wrote another Q’ulle review that I shamelessly ripped off. So precedent is set!

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People Review Things: Idol Is Shit’s Garry MacKenzie on Q’ulle’s ‘Alive’

It is the Official Policy of that many voices can and should contribute to the discovery of idols and their music. Among those voices whose contributions are good and cool is Garry MacKenzie, owner and operator of the very good Idol Is Shit. This review is his.

You all may recall the two posts covering Q’ulle‘s most recent music videos. You may also recall that Q’ulle, who are good, are good, and you therefore like them and appreciate their music and want to buy it. And as if you needed any more convincing, Garry believes that their just-released single, “Alive,” is more than up to par. Get started here, then visit his site for the rest. Continue reading