My Girl Hiiragi Fuyu Is Back and Already Throwing Shade

I am completely captivated by Heart ni Pochicon. I have made this clear, and I have been clear as to why — I sometimes wish that I could hang out with idols, but these two human disasters are basically the idols that I would hang out with, given a life-long track record of being attracted to people who are terrible for me and keep me deeply ingrained in self-destructive behavior.

They’re wonderful.

And so I was sad when Fuyu, one half of the dynamic duo, was temporarily put on ice while she went into the hospital to deal with some health issues (I WONDER WHY). While most cases of “taking a break for health reasons” are idol’s version of “sent to live on a farm a few hours away,” we were assured that this was real, and Fuyu would definitely be back.

Well, she’s back, and she got some kind of bug up her butt, because this is a very cool series of tweets: Continue reading