A Fun for When You Have That Uneasy Feeling about Something

It’s almost December already? Just like 99% of my oshis, this past year has just disappeared before my eyes! Soon we’re all going to be drowning in Best Of 2018 preparations! But don’t get too excited for the Holidays yet, we’ve got to cry over last week’s tragic auditions first.

I swear, with the news of BiSH starting a new show where they explore Japan’s ins-and-outs, I was so so tempted to do another WACK-inspired fun this week about idols exploring the hidden cultures of other countries. But:

  1. Having two WACK funs in a row has been banned ever since I got that anonymous letter that said “Coco’s next if you don’t stop this”
  2. It would literally just be me, Salem and Chris spamming the “Necroma eating Greggs” photo and nothing else

So thank goodness that the newly designated “Homicidols Official Target For All Jokes About Heavy Membership Turnovers” have had a hectic couple of weeks, especially this past weekend, bringing in plenty of potential meme fodder in the process. Nothing ever seems predictable about this group, but god damn if that’s going to stop us from trying to predict what’ll happen next! Continue reading