TIF Is Coming, So It’s Full Power Girls R Time!

I kid, I kid! Full Power Girls R, who are always a good time, don’t just release stuff a month or so before the Tokyo Idol Festival; they just so happen to put out fun material about a month or so before the Tokyo Idol Festival in addition to other things that they release. In fact, this being their fifth single and the group being just a hair over two years old, should tell you all you need to know about that math.

“That they put out a single every six months?”

Now you got it! And look at that fortuitous timing, and a song with enough joy in it to rot your teeth:

It dropped yesterday:

The title of that B-side is what I wish for us all

Go get ’em, Zenryoku!

Full Power Girls, Indeed

I wanted to bust out one of those “my longest Yeah Boy” videos to go along with that other thing, but I’d really like to do it here for want of finding one that I’d really want to present. But you get the idea!

Remember Full Power Girls R? I do; it’s been a while since last checking in on one of the most-effective-but-least-known younger idorock outfits, and nominally for a good reason (they don’t often mix with the types of idols that we usually go for). I’m very excited, though, that they tossed out a new MV yesterday. Go ahead and plug in:

Thanks, PIH!

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Did You Guys See the Latest Full Power Girls R?

Gee whiz, I thought I’d popped this out a couple of weeks ago, well before TIF, which is precisely when this was released and precisely why it was released, as Zenrokyu were at TIF and I think there’s even video of their performance. Anyway, this is a neat video for “Parallel Girl” that I should get on the record for when folks get to the point of finding things like Full Power Girls R for themselves:

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Check out This Little Rocker from Full Power Girls R

One of my favorite things about doing this site the way that I do is that, by using the general conceit of “idols who either do rock kinds of music and/or may be a danger to themselves and others,” I can cast a pretty wide net and find interesting music in some of the safest of places; one of my favorite things about idols that I never shut up about is how incredibly flexible the performance style is — if involves singing and can (arguably) include dancing, idols will do it.

On the overall more traditional side of the coin is Full Power Girls R, who I’ll admit to never being able to get a good handle on: I dig their sound, and they’ve done TIF and whatnot, but where are they on the overall idol spectrum of popularity hierarchies? And does it matter? I guess not.

Pure Idol Heart stuck this number into my MTs yesterday, and I’m totally down with it:

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Full Power Girls R Go!

Well, again, speak and they shall come: Just a week ago, we found out about Full Power Girls R’s upcoming release, and then here they are with the MV for it:

Our guy TUFKAT provides

That’s some serious kawaiidorock, huh? I have a huge soft spot for these tweener acts that are more than happy to idol away completely, totally normally, but have just enough pop in their sound to keep things interesting. “Tradition of Gorigiri Match” delivers. Continue reading

Full Power Girls R Have a New Single on the Way

Man, I’ll admit to having almost forgotten about these rock-inspired kawaiidols since the last check-in, which was a while even after we first got as pass at them over the summer, but then they picked up a Best Debut nomination in the Best Of process, and I figured that I’d look them up again. And look, a new single!

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Let’s Check in on Full Power Girls R

I was doing a little bit of what’s-everybody-doing-now Twitter searching the other day and came back across Full Power Girls R. Remember them? Rock unit that rolled into TIF kind of out of nowhere?

Because Monday is dumb, here’s a little edit-up from various live performances:

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Prep for TIF: Get to Know Full Power Girls

I mentioned in the TIF lineup post that I had this group scheduled, and then things up and went bonkers this week, so now you’re getting them a couple of days late.

Full Energy Girls R (Twitter)! I don’t know why the R is there, but considering that they aren’t completely dissimilar from Party Rockets GT, I guess superfluous letters are perfectly acceptable.

I’m not 100 percent on how and where I first saw this (likely via Pure Idol Heart, however), and I had to get into the guns and big-ass guitar licks in this song a little bit before deciding that they were worth following up on:

Also, I get the feeling that this is another one of those self-titled-literally-personal-theme-anthem situations
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