Fukuoka Kanbe Girls Are Proof That Idols Can Promote Anything with Fire

Imagine that you work for a local tourism board, and shrinking budgets in addition to less travel is putting a hurting on your city’s economy. You need an attraction! Or, at the very least, a way to convince people from near and far to come and spend their hard-earned yen on your delicious local food and take in the spectacular local sights … HOLY CRAP YOU KNOW WHAT WE NEED?! IDOLS!*

Just get a look at this (via @AshLikeSnow):

Well, and listen to it, too, as it’s perfectly cromulent idometal-meets-animetal. But holy hell, this is an idol unit that exists to talk about regional history and culture? Like Tengger Cavalry, but idols? I’m in. Continue reading