The Contemplative Quiet of Penultimate HAMIDASYSTEM

Hey, just like yesterday, let’s leave alone what doesn’t need to be tampered with. Tomorrow is D-Day for whatever work of artistic glory that HAMIDASYSTEM is going to bless the world with; today is about completing the original circle with FLAME’s contribution to the Epic of HAMIDASYSTEM:

This is so introspective that it makes my heart hurt

Aw heck, let’s say a thing! Continue reading

The HAMIDASYSTEM Epic’s Fourth Installment Is Glory

Monday is bad. Monday is especially bad when you really want to keep sleeping until Tuesday. Alas, we must all of us rise and get down to business. The very least the universe could do is help out a little bit with something pure and magical and good, you know?

What do you mean, HAMIDASYSTEM released the final leg of their multimedia art project? Blessed be!

Download it here; while waiting for OTOTOY to prepare the file for you, you can go read the accompanying story part. Continue reading