TFW Idols Have Their Last Lives Abroad: Candye Syrup at SabotenCon

U.S. idol fans on the West Coast are the luckiest of us all, because they’re the ones who get to sweep up the handful of idol lives that trickle across the Pacific. Our man Daemon, hot off the East Meets West Music Fest, hit up SabotenCon over the weekend to connect with Candye Syrup for their last gasp, a remarkable touch of luck.

Candye Syrup, who saw their debut on August 19, 2017 at Shibuya Milkyway in Tokyo, has now held their final performance on August 31 2018, just 377 short days later. The only good thing in this whole wretched mess is that Candye Syrup’s last live was held at Saboten Con in Phoenix, Arizona, so we in the Southwestern U.S. were given the blessed opportunity to send them off.

The crowd that gathered to see Candye Syrup’s last live contained a handful of American chika idol diehards, but was primarily made up of Saboten attendees whose familiarity to the group was watching a few videos on YouTube after hearing they would be performing at the Con. Some had been turned into instant fans on first exposure and were a bit shell-shocked to learn that they would be witnessing both Candye Syrup’s U.S. debut and final show. Continue reading

Q’ulle Does Incredibly Idol Thing

Q’ulle, who play like the hard rock version of Perfume and are genuinely harder than half of the stuff on U.S. rock radio these days …

… are out with their own line of fashion wear.

Japanese rock idol group Q'ulle has their own fashion line through Chomel Singa

Snazzy! I personally like how Yakko looks kind of like she’d rather be wearing anything other than a jacket that makes her look more than a little like a lab assistant.

/still holding out for Bellheart to release a line of active wear for the college-aged crow enthusiast