The New Candy GO!GO! Should Keep Your Friday Mood Going

Given what we got earlier from PiGU, something to keep the mood high on a midsummer Friday was in order, and Candy GO!GO! definitely delivered with “ワンチャン☆サマー” (help) and “endroll” (available to purchase Aug. 17!):

Pop & roll with Candy GO!GO! What a motto.

Click here if you’re in the United States

For reasons the go against any and all good sense, Candy GO!GO! is geo-blocked on YouTube, so thanks to @the59thsecond for providing an embed for “endroll” on Pakistan’s own video platform! Should a non-proxy source for “ワンチャン☆サマー” be available, I’ll update.

But anyway, fun! Let’s go the beach and have a good ol’ fashioned party filled with a tense rivalry between preps and greasers that can only be resolved in a spontaneously choreographed dance competition!