The Newest Dreamcatcher Left Me Feeling Odd

I always know whenever a new Dreamcatcher release comes out, because my Twitter feed will be always inevitably be on fire. “DON’T STOP STREAMING THIS!” they cry. “WHY IS THIS ONLY AT 350K VIEWS?!” they scream. “SIYEON MY GODDESS, BLESS MY SINFUL WAYS WITH YOUR HOLY THROAT SOUNDS” they beg. Following K-Pop groups after having primarily been a fan of underground J-idol groups for so long is honestly pretty jarring.

Dreamcatcher’s newest music video, “Odd Eye”, is, sadly, not a cover of the Yukueshirezutsurezure song of the same name, because frankly, nobody can possibly handle that much power. It does, however, see the long-awaited return of Chinese member Handong, who took a year-and-a-half vacation in order to fail a reality TV show in her native country.  So, how does her comeback release hold up?

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A K-Pop Double Bill

It’s not often we get to write about K-Pop on Homicidols, but we always have to brace ourselves when we do! And this weekend, we got not one, but two Korean acts dropping music videos that are actually worth at least a quick mention! Buckle up, weebs, we’re taking a ferry to South Korea!

First off is an act we’ve mentioned here a few times before, Dreamcatcher, with their much-teased promotional video for their newly-released Dystopia: Lose Myself EP.

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Help Me, I’m Doing a K-Pop Thing: Dreamcatcher

I’ve never talked about K-pop out loud much around here. The reason is very simple: This is a website dedicated to Japanese music of particular types, coming from particular cultural niches; other than the Weekender, there isn’t a ton of room to flex out (except when it comes to Poppy, shut your mouth). Additionally, though, I’ve encountered very little K-pop that I found interesting. BTS, pretty much the biggest act in the world right now, right? Bores me to tears. I’ve had some MAMAMOO moments, and like everybody else into Babymetal at the time liked that one Pritz song, but yeah, K-pop usually sounds like the things about American pop that I don’t like, turned up to 11.

However, when Paper rolls out an article about “K-pop’s most horrifying girl group”, I’m going to pay attention. And when that article includes things like —

The girls of Dreamcatcher are… well, a nightmare. Not in a bad way, though: they were cursed that way. … Rather than competing over who can serve up the cutest kissy faces in pastel-hued videos, the girls of Dreamcatcher are trapped in some kind of haunted Hell, with each member representing a different nightmare, all while dancing through their terror.

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