Come Listen to New Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da, Understand Your Confusing Feelings

Go listen. It’s a lot more denpa than denpacore, but I do love this kind of shot in the arm. And you know that it’s probably about obsession or fraught emotions or something.

Just from what we know about Kiminosei‘s releases to date, I’m hoping that this is the A-side; we all know what happens on the B.

Backed up for forever or until they take it down.

Damn, this cover:

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da's new single cover art


The Evil Clown Is on to Something

Do you guys remember how fantastic Bokura no Oyugi felt the first time? That’s madness put in a blender and then made up to look like it actually belongs in polite society. So exciting.

And as a lunchtime gift to you all, here’s a little teaser that’s sitting on their official YouTube channel:

I’d give you a trigger warning, but that would take all the fun out of it.


The Most Denpacore Thing I Could Ever Imagine

Via Idol 2.0, this is happening.

That’s Bokura no Oyugi (web). Please tell me that somebody knows something about them. Like, you know how people will often compare something to a bad trip? This is like a good trip, but one that you have in a bad place. Wow. Continue reading


POP Checks off One More Idol Thing from Their List

POP, aka Period of Plastic 2 Mercy, aka the continuation/successor of Pla2me, aka once upon a time the most promising alt-idol duo in the game, just put another notch in their belt:

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Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da

There are levels to this violence.

Back when I was but a new, budding Maniac, I’d let YouTube take me on these incredible journeys. It had made me a BiS list, for instance, and I’d let that sucker run for hours at a time at work. I can’t even begin to try to number how many groups I found that way; it’s a lot. And some of them wound up being just kind of there in the end, while others were awesome enough that I wanted to learn more about them and eventually start a music website with them as a focus … and then there was Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da.

Hot. Damn.

One thing that happens to just about everybody while they’re discovering the hard side of idol is that moment, or maybe it’s many moments, when you just sit there and watch a video play through like five times, trying to figure out just what the hell you’re watching and listening to these incredibly dense, rich, violent songs and make sense of them.

Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da (“It’s All Your Fault”) came along at a very ripe moment. Babymetal was conquering the world, BiSH was stepping into BiS’s shadow, groups like PassCode and Party Rockets were showing that idols could do music both hard and accessible … in other words, somebody who was willing to put all of that up there together was going to get attention in a good way.

A couple of digital singles and an album later, Kiminosei have become regulars on the rock+idol scene, and they’re at the forefront of the yami-kawaii … movement? scene? something. Regardless, it’s a fantastic way to approach performance, all twisted emotions and sickly appearance and bent expectations. You’d see them and be like “Oh how cool, they look like an A-pop grou–” and then get stabbed in the face. Like, remember GoGo Yubari from the Kill Bill movies? She’d probably be all about this (when she wasn’t working as a creative director for Deep Girl).

What they sound like

Mix one part J-pop and one part hardcore, place in blender, drizzle in denpa. Between them and sister group Yukueshirezutsurezure, they’re charting this beautifully tortured space that I hope goes really far.

You’ll like them if

I don’t have a good comparison for this one. Maybe if you like Converge and all in the same day, or you remember that little window of time when Hole was just a tiny bit poppy and you approved. They have moments that actually aren’t that far from Bad Religion.

Entries on the Ultimate Homicidol Playlist:

“ShitEnd | Placebo” of course, plus:

I’d love to have more, but they’re like professionally averse to releasing video.


Mogeki Aza
Mogeki Aza of Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da
Kisaragi Megumi
Kisaragi Megumi of Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da
Narumi Gomochi
Narumi Gomochi of Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da
Mashiro of Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da
Hitomi Yotsu
Hitomi Yotsu of Japanese yami-kawaii idolcore group Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da


“Neo Jealous✡Mero Chaos” (digital single)
“ShitEnd | Placebo” (digital single)
Yamikawa IMRAD (album)


Come Watch the ‘Queen of POP’ MV and Explain It to Me

Not long after releasing their entire Queen of POP EP on Soundcloud, POP follows up with a video for the title track:

That’s … that’s interesting! What exactly is going on here! Please tell me!

I still really like this song.


I Fix Things: The House Needs Me this Weekend

It has been fun as hell this week, gang, with all kinds of new music all over the place. But my in-laws are visiting and I have to fix and clean a whole bunch of things, so please do take this and enjoy what’s there. Tell a friend or two, “Hey, I really like this stuff going on at, and I think you would, too.”

Remember Monday? Continue reading


You Can Listen to POP’s “Queen of POP” Like Right Now

We’re still two weeks and change away from POP‘s one-man to celebrate the official release of “Queen of POP,” but they added the tracks to Soundcloud this morning, and you can get a nice (full) preview: Continue reading


This Would Have Been Awesome: Report Back from ‘Brand New Idle Society’

I am aggravated. First this show was definitely happening, and then “it didn’t,” and then the “IDLE IS DEAD” tour was announced and that’s cool, but: Look, that BiS reunion concert definitely happened (in December), and it looks like it was really great, and I’m going to try to hunt down some video to see just how great, but man alive, the perils of trying to follow things in another country through the fog of Google Translate and limited media in your own language.

From TGU: Continue reading


POP Selected for Gyu-no Fes

In a decision that’s honestly about as surprising as the sun rising in the east, POP was selected as the winner of the Road to Tochigi battle earlier this week and are headed to the main stage at Gyu-no Fes.

Awesome photo, though. Continue reading