Oh Sweet, mistress Released Their First MV

Happy Indie Idol Wednesday! I actually have another piece that I’m sharing, more on point, more of a discovery, but. You guys remember mistress, right? They’ve been percolating around for the last few months, sort of slowly building up the way that idols should do, putting out barely SFW t-shirts and getting their first EP ready. And now, finally, to promote it, their first MV:

How many idol songs have been called something along the lines of “DECiSION” over the years?

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Oh, Good! There’s a Preview for Mistress’s Upcoming EP

Damn, do you guys remember Mistress, who are cool and good? You do, because I see you out there sharing live video all the time! But this it the first good development I’ve seen from them in a while, and you might only have about 1:40 to check it out even if the album preview has been taken down:

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