DEATH PARADE Ends, Fails to Deliver on Promise

Gee whiz, you guys, with a name like DEATH PARADE, you’d think that GANG PARADE’s epic 200km team relay marathon doodad would’ve delivered a little more in the DEATH department than just in the PARADE.

Instead, I am pleased (/kicks can) to report that not only was the race successfully completed, and not only did nobody actually die, but it looks like it all went down without much in the way of incident at all!

The reward, a bouquet of onions; does Negicco know about this

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I can’t believe I’m encouraging this, and you shouldn’t believe that you’ll almost definitely spend longer than you ever thought you would watching this happen, but I’ll cop to morbid curiosity about exactly what GANG PARADE is being subjected to, and why, and what the outcome’s going to be.

ALL WEEKEND LONG (probably), check in here for:

  • Live video from the road!
  • Commentary, screen captures and goodness knows what on Twitter!
  • Ever-declining faith in humanity!

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