DEADLIFT LOLITA Are More Than Just Wrestlers

Well, well. I guess failing to interview DEADLIFT LOLITA means I’m the expert of the team now? Granted, their HYPER JAPAN live left me yearning for more campy swole goodness from the Buff Buddies, and they finally delivered a new music video today.

Gosh darn it, Ladybeard’s gone and got himself kidnapped again!

In all honesty, I prefer the more crazy Deadlift tracks like SIX PACK TWINS, as it fits their image better. But I won’t say no to a traditional Japanese/Metal fusion! And the B-Movie drama of the music video more than makes up it. I see they’re learning some new fighting styles now! I think…

This is why Maniac always does these posts.

The Beard Is Back

Well, team, suffice it to say that I didn’t see this one coming: Ladybeard, who after his unceremonious departure from Ladybaby prior to its becoming The Idol Formerly Known As seemed to be adrift other than the occasional collision with idol notables, is not only making an idol comeback, he’s coming back with easily the most accidentally perfect idol concept yet:

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