Twelve months since their debut in the teeth of “in these uncertain times,” NELN has very literally gone full circle and made it to the end of the journey they promised — the final monthly MV has been delivered. There’s been an incredible mix of mostly high quality all along the way, and to say that I’ve been anticipating this with real feeling is a little bit of an understatement — each month’s MV has come at slightly different times “toward the” end of the month, so I’ve been following the dang Twitter account like a bloodhound since Sunday. Today, payoff.

That’s just absolutely lovely. The thing’s an homage to the whole sequence of MVs that got us here over … wow, NELN, I doubt that “do a year-long debut sequence while society closes due to worldwide pandemic conditions” was the actual design, but it paid off perfectly. And here in this MV we get that story played out again, referring to the past works and I’m sure riddled with other Easter eggs that people far more in the know can inform on. Different strokes for different folks and all, but I’d be pleased if this one came up in the Best Of discussion. The song is of course quite nice on its own, though a little done at this point in the sequence, but it serves its role as tentpole very well.

What’s next for NELN? We’ll find out soon!