All the Hoopla About HO6LA

It’s been a long time coming, but the HO6LA (that 6 is pronounced “mu” by the way) debut single is finally OUT! To stream! To purchase! To enjoy! These are some idols you’ll absolutely want to surrender your money to, so let’s all get ready to grab a piece of Pirikarira.

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Our Idols Don’t Win Idol Matsuri, Walk Away Winners Anyway

That title’s implying an inspirational message, gang, not some weird turn of events.

The Idol Matsuri final was yesterday, and a number of projects that we filthy gaijin fans enjoy made it to the event. For instance, Chemical Reaction, who are in fact quite good and don’t get the attention that they deserve because of great reasons I’m sure. CY8ER. BANZAI JAPAN. Probably some others depending on how you row your boat!

Here’s the whole thing:

It’s almost 5 hours long!

The stretch including the aforementioned begins right about here. CY8ER is next in the lineup, and BANZAI JAPAN just a little while after, so you can get yourself some nice “oh I know of them!” action. None of them won, though, and are in a way terrible, pathetic losers. Continue reading

Fashion Fortnight Flash #1

Hello friends! Maniac here. Papermaiden had such a good time with that NSLE interview that I said, pitch me an idea for something that you’d like to write regularly, and she said, I want to write about fashion and stuff, and I said, knock yourself out, I bet people will like that. So give it a read and let her know what you think!

Welcome to Fashion Fortnight. In this bimensual column, you’ll find a (very self-indulgent) summary of what happened with idols in their para-musical jobs related to subculture and modelling. You may think of the Flash-type columns as a way to assemble all the great visual publications you’ve missed because you weren’t looking! In the Fashion Fortnight Features, you’ll find (most likely self-indulgent as well) more focused investigations into a specific topic or item that has been all the rage and is related to our beloved Homicidols.

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I Think We Need to Find a New Name for CY8ER

There was a nice little pop yesterday when CY8ER released this little member teaser video and people realized what they were seeing:

If you’re new, watch to the end …

… and if you still aren’t sure, I point you to this post from several months ago, which accidentally encompasses a similar feeling with the exact same person involved (and also reinforces the fact that you should never, ever listen to me).

But hey neat! The former BPM15Q continues to expand, Rinahamu looks increasingly like a human doll, the sound is all beats and synths and hip and cool and befitting a project called “CY8ER,” but I kept thinking about different kinds of epithets for Rina’s magnum opus. Continue reading

That Was Incredibly Fast: Mashiro Goes from DEEP GIRL to CY8ER without Breaking a Sweat

It took more time to unravel the sudden withdrawal of DEEP GIRL’s (now) former leader (and original Monday Match Game loser) than it did for her to suddenly reveal the real reason for her immediate not-even-a-graduation — because she was joining Rinahamu’s post-BPM15Q project, CY8ER.

Making her bare-faced debut:

Chilling with DJ younaP:

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