Hey, We Got Your New TOKYO Tefutefu Track Right Here!

Well, okay sure, I thought probably the only TOKYO Tefutefu reference I’d be making today was that note in the Weekender about their shrinking a bit, but while tying loose ends for the latest edition in the Longest Running Weekly Episodic Blog Post Dedicated to Idols That Are Loud, I noticed a few of you guys — yes, I’m looking at you — talking about the latest two-hour stealth teaser from the latest Codomomental unit. And we here at Homicidols Dot Com have a standard practice, an Official Policy you could say, to always try to preserve and amplify those teasers because there are hundreds of millions of people who probably aren’t paying any attention to anything during that window of time, and dammit we want them to like the idols!

So anyway, new song, “cry more again”:

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