Cream n’ Chrome Going on Hiatus

Cream n’ Chrome’s #1 fan, our very own Phillter, shared the news last night:

Shared on Facebook, too:

Here’s some previous stuff on them.

These hiatuses don’t guarantee that the group is done, but what I’ve often seen out of these moves in the past is a bit of a reboot; their higher level of production makes me think that the concept won’t be completely nixed. Cream n’ Chrome hadn’t been active for very long yet, but they were out there with a neat angle and look. We’ll see what the future holds.

Still Not Sold on Cream n’ Chrome

A quick search of posts shows that I did not in fact add anything about this newer group’s PVs back in December, so I guess it’s still kind of fresh?

Melodic metal-and-stuff idols Cream n’ Chrome released a pair of full-length MVs yesterday. Here’s the better of the two songs:

It’s not bad. It’s just not making me pay attention.

OMG we’re approaching peak idol hipster!