Solve our Idol Sudoku Chess Crossword puzzle – Win fabulous* prizes!

*Your definition of fabulous may differ from that of homicidols dot com.

EDIT – We have a winner!  Congratulations hrspp!  To everyone else, better luck next time.  If you’d like to have a go for fun, the solution is in the comments.

Hey YOU!  Would YOU like to win some fantast…well some tangible prizes, just for doing a puzzle.  Have a go at our enthralling and fun Idol Sudoku Chess Crossword puzzle!

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Introducing The First Official Homercidols Competition!

This is obviously a big transition period at the moment. Not just for me, your new overlord, but for Maniac, our old overlord and you, the reader-underlords too.

I know not all of you are keen on the idea of me taking over from Maniac, so how about a competition to sweeten the deal, huh? I’ve got some great prizes for you!

Remember Especia: The group that’s been sometimes called the “Vaporwave Idols” (Discuss in the comments below if they’re actual vaporwave idols or not) sadly disbanded this week. We’re all going to miss them all.

In honour of our fallen idols, today we make Especia the first Simpsonswave Idols.

I literally want you all to make a Simpsons AMV with Especia’s music, and tweet it to us under the hashtag #ESimpsonia by April 2nd.

The first place winner gets this gently used copy of The Simpsons Movie that I just happen to own. Second place gets some homemade crumbly maple fudge that I made yesterday:

Aren’t these just the best prizes? Good luck everybody!