This New NEO JAPONISM Single Is Fire

If you’ve been around Homicidols Dot Com to a while, you’ve probably seen me refer to a certain preference for Osaka idols. Something — in the water, probably — about idols from Osaka seems to make them do louder music with some more interesting twists, to the point that there’s a bit of a stylistic signature that sets Osaka idols apart from, say, Nagoya or Tokyo scenes.

I bring this up with NEO JAPONISM because it is, coming from me, a form of real praise to say that they’re the most Osaka idols based in Tokyo, and I’m becoming ever more convinced that they’re going to be a real driving force in how idol and loud are combined in the coming years. I keep rolling my eyes when I see them referring to this as their first single and MV, but a deeper look through all of my hyperventilating posts from the last several months suggests that it is true.

Or, the Truth:

I always love the percussion in these songs

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