Prepare Yourself for What Candye Syrup Is Bringing to America

I had the funnest little internal self-dialogue when I saw Candye Syrup tweet about the release of this MV. It went a little like:

“Oh neat! It’s been a little while since Candye Syrup did a thing, and they need to do a thing because of their con appearance in Arizona among other things, so this is good!”

“What are you so excited about? Don’t your think that Candye Syrup has a hit rate somewhere around Andre Drummond’s shooting percentage?”


“Yeahbut nothing.”

And then I did something else, because spending too much brain power on such things is for suckers. Quite a few hours later, here we are! I will no further preface this song or video except to say that this is the title track for the WHITE RUSSIAN EP due out on Wednesday, which is in fact more like a maxi single, but I gave up on understanding the ins and outs of how idol groups refer to their releases a while ago.

Instructional video

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Idol Death Ska, You Say?

Would it be rude of me to say that Candye Syrup gets a weird automatic reaction from me? And by “automatic reaction,” I mean “how a person reacts when someone runs up to you with a weird look on their face and saying ‘Dude, smell this.'” It’s kind of a crapshoot! They’ve managed to hit material so far out of the park that Frank Thomas would be impressed, and they’ve struck out in ways that would make Mark Reynolds blush*. So imagine my initial excitement over seeing that an MV (!) for a song called “IDOL DEATH SKA !?” (!) was out and ready for me, and how that excitement was immediately followed by the same face that idols make when they reach into the Mystery Box that, at best, has a frog in it.

I am unfamiliar with the band Castaway and its guitarist, Yossy, who wrote this song, but I saw the words “melodic” and “punk” put together in such a way that the first was meant to modify the second, and it made sense even before I’d made it past the first few bars. It helps to be prepared, you know? Continue reading

So Is This Some Kind of Record for an International Release?

In case you couldn’t tell, gang, ol’ Maniac’s been taking it easy this week on account of it being not just a slow one, but the holidays and all of that. I didn’t feel like putting too much time and/or energy into anything other than household projects, travel and other people’s horrified grimaces polite smiles upon seeing me for the first time in a while. It’s been fun!

One thing did drag me out of the woodwork for a minute, though, and it’s this little bit that you may have seen going around yesterday:

Candye Syrup, who I will remind you have been in existence for a matter of months, have real-deal international distribution. And not just iTunes, either! Continue reading

Candye Syrup’s First EP Is on the Way; This Is What It’ll Sound Like

This is a slightly older piece, but you’ll all have to forgive me for being glad for a few dull days in the idolverse. Nonetheless, because I sense that more than a few of you have likewise been paying about as little attention to idol as I have for the past week, you might just be getting caught up, in which case it’s worth suddenly finding out about Candye Syrup and their upcoming first EP:

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I Had to Put My Face Back on After This New One from Candye Syrup

“Say, why don’t more allegedly heavy idols ever get really, genuinely brutal?” is a question that I’m sure all of us ask ourselves from time to time; I probably do it at least once per day when I’m lamenting that very little terribly interesting has been happening for most of the year! PassCode gets close sometimes, Broken By The Scream has been a cruel tease, Checkmate will get in there, but what? WHERE’S THE DAMN FACE-MELTING, IDOLS?

Oh, Non and her comrades in Candye Syrup got us covered? And it’s extremely idol at the same time? DON’T MIND IF I DO! Continue reading

That’s Better, Candye Syrup

Have you ever had norovirus? It’s awful. My fever got so bad on Sunday that I was literally having hallucinations that Miyako from Guso Drop was in my house. Stay away from county fairs, kids.

But when you’re laid up and barely cognizant, it’s nice to know that friends are still paying attention. Like John here, grabbing this Candye Syrup thing by the reins and driving home. They still have some making up to do, but this is better work.

New kids to the scene, Candye♡Syrup, are not holding anything back when it comes to letting us have material to listen to. Today they released a new track and karaoke versions all of their previously released track on their Soundcloud account. So if you are a fan of this group get over there and have […]

via Candye♡Syrup: On A Soundcloud Rampage — Straight From Japan

Give This Candye Syrup Track a Spin and Tell Me I’m the Crazy One

It’s a slower kind of day out there, amigos, but thank goodness for the genuine breadth and depth of idol, as it can turn over almost anything to talk about. For instance, today, Terry noticed that Candye Syrup had uploaded a new song Not new-new, given that it’s dated to the same day as “CSIS,” but new enough for us!

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By the Way, There Was Another Candye Syrup Track

In case you missed it, though you may not have, Luis was Luis on the Spot in adding a second track from hair salon yume-kawaii idols Candye Syrup in the Idolmetal group the other day. It’s … it’s quite a composition!

Just wait til the “Oh, there’s Non!” moment

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The Time Has Come for Candye Syrup’s First MV

And in things that came way out of left field this morning:

You guys remember the origin of Candye Syrup, the functional mega-yume-kawaii idol group, from Candye Syrup, the hair salon of the same name, right? Results; idols have them. Continue reading

Non Idols On

How about that for a title, huh? It actually undersells the whole, but I don’t know of very many people who don’t dig on ex-DEEP GIRLer Non. She’s back, in case you couldn’t tell, and not in the way that she tended to pop up here and there for her random jazz vocals and the like — no, she’s back, with a posse, doing something that I’ve legit never seen before.

This is the group:

Which I surprised to see when Trigger Warning shared it with me yesterday, and then it popped up in the group — I’ve been seeing Candye Syrup something-or-other for a long-ass time, which their Twitter profile confirms, seeing as they go back almost two year at this point, and have historically rubbed elbows with a lot of our idol mainstays because it’s a, uh, hair salon.

Anyway, this is a big ol’ step into the unknown. In addition to Non and her mouth piercings doing yume-kawaii, they’ve managed to take that whole image and not super-idol it the way Rinahamu’s various projects tend to; no, they took yume-kawaii and made it nasty:

Of course, they won’t exclusively do that and will dabble, but sweet holy moses, I love this juxtaposition of pastels and cotton candy and screaming. I love it mucho. Also trying to figure out how many of those members are people that I know from other things, because I swear that it’s more than just Non. OH WELL.