Can You Dig It? C-Style Live

We narrowly missed becoming BiSHblog and Babyblog in the not-too-distant past, so I’m just going to serve up this new live video from C-Style because they’re a common topic lately and I no longer fear the repercussions of giving somebody a few extra minutes of limelight. That’s what happens when you’re cool and good (and active!)!

I’m beginning to understand why some of you all are so into them.

Aggressive Face-slappers C-Style Will Threaten You until You Stop Bullying

Sorry, I just thought this was funny.

Good for you, though, C-Style! Now get back to what you do best: MASS VIOLENCE!

C-Style: (Closer to) Figured Out

Last week’s post on C-Style prompted a lot of feedback from different quarters, and thank you to all for the help.

Zac, who I think likes a bit of anonymity, pointed out that C-Style considers themselves inspired by the rock band Kishidan:


So that’s cool. And on the post itself, our friend BongoTheMongo was kind enough to share some video of how C-Style likes to greet their fans: With vigorous slaps to the face! Continue reading

Let’s Finally Tackle This C-Style Thing

Once you start following idol events and paying attention to who crosses paths with who, you inevitably start to run into C-Style (Twitter). I find them one of the biggest enigmas in this whole ball of wax.

I’m sure that there are people on here are big C-Style fans. Good for you! If you are, I need your help.

To whit: I do not understand C-Style. Continue reading