Zenkimi will Play the Budokan!!

We knew ahead of time that the April 3rd show at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL would be a big night for Zenbu Kimi no Sei da. Not only was it one of the largest one-man lives Zenkimi has ever attempted, but it also marked the final show and graduation of members, Yukinojou Oyatsu and Amanechi An.


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Guess Who’s Going to Budokan

Doop-dee-doop, scrolling through Twitter, looking to connect with something interesting in idol … Hello, what’s this?

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PassCode’s Going to Budokan, Hell Yes

Well, folks, I’d been licking my lips at the prospect of new PassCode stuff to show off and get excited about since their latest major album is right around the corner, but we simply must pre-empt our own posting for this off-the-charts awesome announcement. PassCode’s on the road to Budokan!

I love everything about this moment. PassCode was on such an ascent, hung in through some challenges, and have just kept building prominence among fans across a pretty significant spectrum of musical interests. This album is, I’m sure, going to be quite good, and yeah there’ll be a hyperventil-y post about it in no time, probably. But the album … who cares about the dang album! PassCode’s doing Budokan, man. That’s just so cool. I hope Yuna screams a literal hole in space-time and nothing ever happens again because reality simply ceases to exist (somewhere right in the middle of “TRACE”, preferably).

Sounds like a good time for the end of the universe to me.

BiSH Is One Step Closer to Budokan

My apologies, kiddos, for being a bad Maniac yesterday and not contributing much of anything, but I was dealing with some stuff and it just got to the point where posting anew wasn’t going to better anybody’s lives, so I decided to just shift the relevant stuff ahead a day.

And speaking of relevant!

BiSH’s Nirvana-themed tour final was yesterday, and at it they announced the biggest show in their history, and arguably for anybody in the WACK camp — they’re going to Makuhari Messe (Event Hall — see below0. That’s kind of a big deal. Continue reading

We Will See ayumikurikamaki as Bears Again

This is a terrible bit of video that ayukuma pushed out; not because it sucks in and of itself, or because I dislike the implications (quite the opposite!), but because Kuma-sama here is clearly giving three of my favorite idols the sads, and I’ll be damned if that’s okay.

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