Let’s Rediscover Some Idols: BOY MEETS HARU

Well if this particular conceit didn’t run right into a particular failure on ol’ Maniac’s part … see, despite nothing on your computer screen being a real thing that you can hold in your hand, and basically everything on the Internet only “existing” in the sense that there is energy stored in a device somewhere and that energy is organized in a particular way that other devices know how to render into things that you might recognize (but, again, can’t touch), this exact post that I’m typing in right has existed since autumn 2019, when I first put down a draft placeholder for a BOY MEETS HARU post. Interesting project! Cool times. But I didn’t get back to it, things happened with the group (near as I can tell, during my personal hiatus), and here we are, five days since BOY MEETS HARU “debuted” again, so … let’s discover these idols! Continue reading