Is This the Blackest Sabbath of All?

One more Bokura no Oyugi live video, you guys! It’s their first/demo/first MV, “Pandora’s Song”:

Delicious. Please let this be the last in the series.

Somebody Save Us from This Wave of Clown Terror

I don’t even know what to say at this point. We’re now three posts deep for Thursday Hurtsday, and of course the demonic clown idols of Bokura no Oyugi have even more live video to share with us.

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Even More Idol Circus Music? Yes and Please!

Life is full of surprises. Some make you poop your pants in terror; others make you pee your pants in glee. This falls somewhere in between because I’m not soiling myself, okay? I’m just excited.

Yes after well over a year of never, ever having live video of their performances available online, Bokura no Oyugi followed up those earlier entries with:

Terror quotient: Falling

That’s a little bit different than the last couple! This is more like if the Vandals were writing idol music. Or Modern Baseball, if you’d prefer a band that’s actually contemporary. Continue reading

What Did I Do to Deserve These Bokura no Oyugi Videos?

I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret: When you wake up in the morning and see that you have a DM on Twitter and it’s from Phillter and the preview is just the “Sent a link“, you’re probably about to get something really cool.

I mean that title to be nuanced, by the way.* One, I feel like I’m not good enough for these gifts from Bokura no Oyugi; on the other hand, what crimes did I commit that would justify having this mass-media blasted into my consciousness? Maybe call it delightful pain, I don’t know.

The terror clown idols who have now spent several days as my absolute personal obsession on three different occasions, the literal stuff of nightmarish carnival hellscapes getting caught making out with some easily impressionable doe-eyed idol candidate behind the calliope. They really only ever release stuff in the same month as a blue moon or something, so these are an absolute treat to get.

“Suicide Story”!:

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Kiss Your Ass Goodbye: The Terror Clowns Released Their MV

It finally happened. We got a teaser before, but now literal months of waiting for this godforsaken hellscape of a song (circuscore!) to be released into any digital media in full have paid off, and it’s a music video that probably shows Bokura no Oyugi in their natural habitat before their handler seals them back up inside for the daylight hours and drops in a canteen filled with children’s tears:

They’re so weird!

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Life Is Complete: Bokura no Oyugi’s First Single, Video Coming

OH MAN you guys, what feels like months of patience and endless hectoring and no shortage of questioning the very meaning of existence, the satanic circus that is Bokura no Oyugi is finally making an official release.

TY @vanipopo!

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Demon Clowns Are Sad Clowns Now: Two Graduations from Bokura no Oyugi

I’ve always had really high hopes for the 666-worshipping clowns in Bokura no Oyugi, given that the only track they’ve ever made public is exactly what you’d expect from a group that’s been all about being the idol version of Twisted Metal. But, sadness now, as the two people I’ve always taken to be the driving force behind the group, Ruru Summertree and Mickey Eight Doors (yes), are both graduating:

That’ll leave Bokurano at four members, three of whom they added over the summer. And thank goodness that they’re also touting their updated website and photos, because it means that maybe they’ll still be able to stick around long enough to release more brain-blending music (you can read Mickey’s blog post about all of this). And there’s something else interesting here, too. Continue reading

Bokura no Oyugi’s Dark Ritual

The terror clowns, Bokura no Oyugi, despite persistently refusing to release more music than this trip into absolute insanity, perform very regularly (plus Ruru’s work as DJ Candy-chan), and held what the translator calls “the Sacred Heart of Jesus Festival” (I know!) to celebrate their three recent new members.

The three of them seemed quite pleased in joining what can only be assumed to be some kind of Satanic circus cult:

It’s a birthday cake because initiation requires that they die and be born again, see.

That’s nice. But hold on your hats, because … look, Bokurano doesn’t exactly kid around when it comes to opportunities to turn your brain inside-out. Continue reading

Bokurano’s Black Gospels Are Complete; Now We Await Armageddon

Syuku and Ruru both bent the very possibilities of madness to their twisted, evil will, and introduced us to the upcoming (currently faceless) members of Bokura no Oyugi.

Mickey and her acolyte chose to make art.

May this message reach a person who’s going to be at that live next week, and may that person have all the recording equipment in the world, and may they record the show and share it with us. I am fascinated by Bokurano.

Deeper into the Diabolical Madness of Bokura no Oyugi

Syuku’s Twitcast was apparently almost completely incoherent (they’re almost completely incoherent to me, anyway, but you get the idea); now it’s Ruru’s turn to challenge your every notion of sanity:

Those mysterious masked women who are joining the actual Twitcast subjects? They aren’t acolytes or future human sacrifices, allegedly, but yet-to-be-introduced future members of the group. Oh yeah, Mikumo graduated. For her sake, it was probably a good idea.