Aw Hell Yes, Under Beasty Has Gone Full-throttle

Fittingly, right after getting to report that Under Beasty was in fact not only no longer indie to the core, having joined Candy GO!GO!’s One-to-One agency, but finding out that they did it a little while back and it just escaped this guy’s notice–

You guys, “Black Jet” is out in video form! Almost missed it!

The influences, they are strong with this one

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Under Beasty Just Announced a Third Single

This is pretty fun! Under Beasty, whose name always makes me giggle a little bit, announced a soon-to-come third single at their show tonight (in Japan, the past is the future!):

Oh good, you’re thinking, I am happy for Under Beasty but come on, when are you going to do a BiStory Countdown #0? And to you, friend, I retort. Continue reading