Here’s PassCode’s Full ‘bite the bullet’ MV

This is nice! I was hoping for something new/ish from one of the bigger players in the scene today, just to keep things interesting if nothing else, and PassCode, bless your heart, you delivered.

Because this is via Facebook, there’s none of the region blocking of the YouTube version, which I’m sure is also nice:

Thanks, John

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PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet’ Is Partway Here

We heard the trailer for “bite the bullet” last week, and, in addition to being more than ready to hear PassCode’s second major label single, I was also nervous that region blocking would kind of ruin the party for those of us in North America (we weren’t able to pre-order, for instance).

No such problems with the video’s short version!


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If You Wanted a Preview of PassCode’s ‘bite the bullet,’ Now’s the Time

I don’t want to say too much about it because I’m sure that the video’s impending (and possibly even available in all countries right away this time!), but definitely check this out:

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Start Your Hype Train for PassCode’s Next Single

And I was just starting to wonder when they’d make their next move; it turns out that the answer is “in a month”:

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