A Third Party Fan-reviews Bellheart’s “Beyond”

This literally just got a quoted response back from @BRGHead:

I’d normally cast a little side-eye in that direction (The Wall is one of rock’s all-time top 10 albums, easily), but nothing is surprising anymore, and what idol’s murder of crows has released so far has been very damn good. Like “our friendship with Yurumerumo! has led to us working with the same people who made YMM sound more than a little like Pink Floyd” good.

So … I support the comparison?

We’ll get to decide for ourselves soon. Bellheart apparently doesn’t want to respond to my tweet asking whether Beyond would be U.S.-available, or if we’d have to fight through that weird morass of factors that make buying digital copies of Japanese music such a pain in the ass.

But this fan’s review, combined with BRGH’s usual high quality and the brain-busting MVs that have teased us so far, is a good indication that this is going to be a very damn good album.