Bellheart’s Shallow Grave Shows Always Look So Great

Only three weeks and change remain in Bellring Girls Heart as we’ve known them, and an indeterminate hiatus looms. They are, however, going out in style, and I won’t stop wanting to chronicle and share these performances that they’re doing with their friends in the scene as part of the Shallow Grave tour.

Very important are their good pals You’ll Melt More!, with whom they’ve done plenty of collaborations in the past and for whom, clearly, this whole process is more than a little bittersweet.

Taking us one step closer to Bell Melt Mute!

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Bellring Girls Heart + You’ll Melt More! = A Delight

Bellheart has been a little on the quiet side since the release of their Beyond album and Moechi’s graduation, but collaborative shows have been their thing of late, and what better way to help usher out two beloved alt-idols than to get together for a show with their old friends in You’ll Melt More!(?)

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