The Magic of HAMIDASYSTEM Week Can Leave You Speechless

The greatest gifts of all are the ones that keep on giving. Unless they’re cursed monkeys’ paws, being able to regularly turn to that something special and get a little bit more out of it each time, that’s real quality gift-giving. It’s why I personally like to create memories for the people I care about, rather than hand them another doodad that won’t matter much in the end.

Is that a ham-fisted enough metaphor for the glory that is HAMIDASYSTEM Week? We’re on Day 3, time for BEET’s tune, and well past the point where gushing is worth it.

To backwards-paraphrase Rod Farva, I’m not going to disgrace this fine piece of work with any additional commentary. You’ve heard it; you’ve seen it; let’s just bask in the taintless glory that is HAMIDASYSTEM Week and prepare ourselves mentally and physically to be changed forever.