Our Idols Don’t Win Idol Matsuri, Walk Away Winners Anyway

That title’s implying an inspirational message, gang, not some weird turn of events.

The Idol Matsuri final was yesterday, and a number of projects that we filthy gaijin fans enjoy made it to the event. For instance, Chemical Reaction, who are in fact quite good and don’t get the attention that they deserve because of great reasons I’m sure. CY8ER. BANZAI JAPAN. Probably some others depending on how you row your boat!

Here’s the whole thing:

It’s almost 5 hours long!

The stretch including the aforementioned begins right about here. CY8ER is next in the lineup, and BANZAI JAPAN just a little while after, so you can get yourself some nice “oh I know of them!” action. None of them won, though, and are in a way terrible, pathetic losers. Continue reading

This Banzai Japan Stuff Is What Thursday Hurtsday Is All About

Do you guys remember last week when we took a nice look at Fukuoka Kanbe Girls and remarked that, ha, isn’t it neat how idols are part of any tourism marketing department’s promotional arsenal?

Well, step that up a little bit, and you get Banzai Japan (Twitter), who … I don’t think I need to explain it. Japan. They promote Japan. Or, rather, they aim to do so by incorporating a member from each of the 47 prefectures and I guess are working on that? Anyway! They rock traditional looks in their costuming, they use some neotraditional sounds, that kind of thing. Maybe not the kind of thing that you’d expect to find here on Homicidols.com!

Except when it gets very loud and fiery and guitar-driven and stuff: Continue reading