I Genuinely Like the New Banmon Track

I swear up and down, I originally didn’t have much to say (or even think) about Band ja Naimon!’s latest. It was going to be a Weekender addition, no less, a little look in at the latest goings and comings of a group that’s merited a few mentions ’round these parts but is firmly in that grey area between Rocks A Lot and Does Not Rock At All. I mean, they’re always fun as all hell, but so’s Negicco, and I wouldn’t dare suggest that the Onion Idols of Niigata “rock” so much as “ooze damn perfection,” so.

Anyway, Banmon:

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Damn, There’s Even More Fresh Band ja Naimon!

Holy shit, you guys, I was into the last video from Banmon!, but I’m extremely into “FAN+TIC”:

Thanks, Terry!

The whole song is denpa-good, but I’m thriving on just playing that opening over and over. Continue reading

I’m Definitely Feeling Banmon!’s New Single

If Band ja Naimon! wants to keep cranking out this kind of energy, I’m going to keep trying to get people into them:

As with last time, I never fail to be energized by the sheer mania of denpa song; even when the actual BPM is somewhere within the realms of reason, the level of frenetic that this music can accomplish is really something else. It’s like what would would have happened had the punk desire to go simpler, faster and purer had instead been the province of early electronic composers. It’s just such a ridiculous good time. Continue reading

This New Band ja Naimon! Track Is out of Control

I don’t know how many of you guys follow Banmon (Twitter) usually (if you do, bless you, because denpa makes the world go ’round), but it just got a bajillion times easier because Pony Canyon decided to get on the YouTube Red extortion racket train and finally made their video content available for the first time in well over a year.

And this new track, the title of which is eluding machine translation (I hope; the various suggestions are something else) but that doesn’t matter because this is out of control and it could be called “I like pie” and you bet I’d be down with it, feels like a multi-genre-less delicious musical disaster:

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