Let’s Help Bakuon Dolls Syndrome 0 Make an Album

What the heck was I even doing yesterday when I took a swing past Bakuon Dolls Syndrome’s Twitter? I mean it — I can’t remember why I was looking. But, as luck would have it, I stumbled right into the middle of some big ol’ changes. For one, now they’re Bakuon Dolls Syndrome 0; for another, they want your help with crowdfunding a self-produced record:

That’s the live version, natch

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Hey, Bakuon Dolls Syndrome Is Still a Thing!

Well if this wasn’t a neat little surprise — while cruising Twitter last night, I came across a screen capture of an idol’s birthday (you know, the balloons and stuff), and thought AW HOW NICE WHO ACTUALLY IS THAT, so click -> read -> “oh it’s one of the Bakusyn members!”

And you know what that means — time to see what, if anything, Himari’s old group is/was up to! Continue reading

Is There Ever Good News from Bakuon Dolls Syndrome?

Doesn’t seem like! Other than finding out that the group was, in fact, continuing after whatever unpleasantness caused the project to go on hold a while back, we don’t see performance video or new releases or anything. And now a graduation.

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Teapot Tempest Avoided: Bakuon Dolls Syndrome Lives On

This was me last night:

Hence, little bits of news like this feel like almost everything I have to go on:

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That BDS Thing Is Plenty Dramatic, But It’s All Business

I’m just adding this post to update and clarify the situation with Bakuon Dolls Syndrome from the other day:

Per Zac on Facebook, translating the original message:

Report on changing of agencies

At this time, BDS Records has been the recipient of falsehoods and breaches of trust due to Himari’s belonging to AS Project that have damaged our long trust and confidence in Himari.
Also, we reached this point due to indications of AS Project’s concealment of the course of events leading up to Himari joining our agency, as well as evidence of attempts to secretly conduct things without our knowledge.

In response to these moral violations, we hereby announce that we have conveyed to AS Project and the relevant members [the BDS members] that they are banned from using the group name, songs, and related other works.

August 4th, 2016
BDS Records Representative
Murakami Hirokazu

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I Find Things: Bakuon Dolls Syndrome

This “screaming girls syndrome” name kept popping up in all of those performers’ lists from the Lyric Holic & the Gang shows (which, damn, now I finally kind of get it), and I finally decided to see what was up with that. Hey you guys!

That’s good! Meet Bakuon Dolls Syndrome, Bakusyn, who seem to have appeared basically out of nowhere as far as the Tokyo scene goes, but are about two years old and, if their website is giving good information, have their roots in a spirits-lifting disaster recovery project? That’s nice. Or maybe they’re just now trying to grow? Their Twitter presence is a very light one for idols. Again, not having Japanese, this is a barrier.

That’s not as good!

I’m not even going to pretend to understand them, but now that I know that they run in the same circle as the cool kids, I can be on the lookout for more. Also, the top shirt, damn.

Album teaser?