Fire up Your Nostalgia Suppressors for These Bellring Girls Heart DVD Trailers

Bellring Girls Heart is going away. Well, kind of. Mostly. For a little while. And that sucks and is sad, especially after the year they’ve had. But now you can relive the whole thing with this series of live DVDs that are coming out in a pair of Thursdays.

Q is from the very beginning of the year:


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I Like How Bellheart Channels Coldplay in This Trailer

If you recall this post from the most ancient of days (possibly preceding even this site’s official launch, so no!), Bellring Girls Heart will also be at the Tokyo Dome for a show to be held this Saturday.

Correct. At the Tokyo Dome. In Tokyo Dome City Hall. Yes, the Tokyo Dome is so large as to require its own governing body. And because nobody has any damn sense anymore, Bellheart are going to be allowed inside for reasons other than legal trial.

The video for this is, I believe, from the first of their trilogy of performances in a sequence that I don’t understand. The original was Q, and Saturday’s is B. Obviously the next will be 8.

So its own kind of epic. It might not be Babymetal in an epic battle for the very essence of life and death in the actual Tokyo Dome, but Bellhear’ts going to be bringing the hotness on their onw.