EMPiRE’s Early EP Release is SUPER COOL

WACK and Avex’s collaborative group (no, the other one) have decided to get a little 70’s to switch things up and boy do these EMPiRE SOUNDS feel SUPER GOOD.

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We Just Lost a Source of Purchase from Japan

This is a really weird situation, and possibly kind of a fluid one, so bear with me.


This is true. I don’t know if I’m allowed to share the message itself, so I won’t, but a fan who wanted to buy BiSH’s Less Than Sex tour final DVD via Amazon Japan found that they couldn’t; upon contacting the company, they were informed (in English!) that “the item is only available for domestic orders due to the restrictions of the music production company that sells this DVD.”

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Update on BiSH’s Major Label Debut

It’s not much, and the BiSHoverse is mostly just rampaging through photos and this new interview of new member Ayuni D, but BiSH tweeted out release details and art for their Avex Trax debut:

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Idol Is ‘DEADMAN’: BiSH’s New MV and Download

They had teased last night that there was something coming down the pike, and this time BiSH delivered. Remember that ripping video of the new single, “DEADMAN,” from the Idol Swindle finale? Video, yes, and a free download.

Download. I’m guessing that, unlike the tracks from FAKE METAL JACKET, this is a limited-time release; it’s not on the official Soundcloud. Continue reading